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NECHTO, DifferentSound等々、国内外のレーベルから楽曲を多数リリースをする中、関西発のTechnoレーベルaumrecordingsを盟友Toru Ikemoto&Tenoと設立し世界中のフロアに向けてリリースを続けている。

その活動と並行しアパレルブランドMoncrel, CONVERSE SKATEBOARDING, TIGHTBOOTH LENZIIIへの楽曲提供を始め、沖縄を代表するラッパーRITTOのアルバム全曲をProduceするなど多岐にわたりその実力を発揮している。

As the well-known turntablist unit Kireek, he won five consecutive DMC World Championships, and After Kireek disbanded, he shifted his focus to the world of techno. He is now one of the main members of MOMENT, an outdoor party that has become one of the leading collectives in the Kansai region.

He has released many tracks on domestic and international labels such as NECHTO and DifferentSound, and together with his allies Toru Ikemoto and Teno, he established the Kansai techno label aumrecordings, which continues to release tracks to floors around the world.

In parallel with these activities, he has demonstrated his abilities in a wide range of fields, including providing music for the apparel brand Moncrel, Converse skateboarding, and Tightbooth Lenz III, and producing a full album of songs for Okinawa's leading rapper RITTO.

award history

  1. 2001
    Turntable Art Battle Champion
  2. 2002
    Teen's Dj Championships Champion
  3. 2003
    Vestax Extravaganza Japan Champion
  4. 2005
    Vestax Extravaganza World Champion
  5. 2007
    DMC Championship Team World Champion!
  6. 2008
    DMC Championship Team World Champion!!
  7. 2009
    DMC Championship Team World Champion!!!
  8. 2010
    DMC Championship Team World Champion!!!!
  9. 2011
    DMC Championship Team World Champion!!!!
  10. 2014
    DMC Championship Japan Champion
  11. 2016
    OUTLOOK Festival JP Sound clash Champion